Hello, this is Joshua Pappas from the Fcastshow. The Fcastshow was started by myself, and Steven Loomis in 2012. We began our journey by hanging out, and watching a couple of documentaries on food. After watching Food Inc., we started having discussions about what we saw, and how much of our physical ailments are tied to what we eat. We were blown away, by the lack of care taken for the animals that millions of americans consume every day. So we decided to put our newly acquired information out there, on Youtube.

We recorded our first episode in my basement and it grew from there. We discussed topics such as water, milk, MSG, Corn, artificial sweeteners, and others. After Episode 27, I began to get burned out. I had increased our production quality, and just could not keep up with the demand of planning, shooting, and editing our youtube videos. So we stopped posting videos in December of 2012.

Now it is 2014, and we have decided to relaunch The Fcast Show. By discovering the potential of audio podcasts, we can bring you amazing new content bi-weekly. We will be bringing you blog posts, audio podcasts, and videos on the topics you want to hear, and we know are important to our well being.

Join us every other tuesday for the audio podcast right here at theFcastShow.com. Subscribe to our email updates, for new podcasts, and blog posts. We are so excited to be bringing you the podcast you need to hear, and we hope you enjoy it!

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