Podcast 021 “There Ain’t No More Fish In The Sea”

All of the fishes are dying! Well, that may not be entirely true, but some species could soon be extinct. Today on The Fcast Show, Steve and I will be talking about over fishing, and how you can change the industry one bite at a time.

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Show Notes

Fish that are sustainable: (http://safinacenter.org/seafoods/)

  1. Alaskan Salmon
  2. U.S. Caught Black Sea Bass
  3. Alaskan Arrowtooth Flounder
  4. Atlantic Summer Flounder (Some problems but not terrible)
  5. Alaskan Cod

Click here to tell the senate to vote down the “DARK” Act!

Video of The House Talking about The “Dark” Act


Just Label It



Washington Post Overfishing

Revolution Doc




Anthony Gucciardi – This video contains the part of President Obama saying he will enact GMO labeling


  • Gary Zimmerman

    First!!!! 🙂 The first comment is here!
    Great tips on the fish… I love fish… I need to eat more fish!

    • Steven Loomis