Podcast 020 “You May Or May Not Immediately Burst Into Flames”

Is getting out in the sun really healthy? Do sun rays really do anything for you health wise, or do they just damage your skin and cause cancer? Today on The Fcast Show, we will be discussing the benefits of getting some sun, and how to effectively do so.

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Show Notes

SunLight (10-15 minuets perday)

Boosts Vitamin D production – This is the most important, and is crucial to live a healthy life.
Lowers Blood Pressure
Can Prevent Heart Disease
Can Protect Against Melanoma
Improves Mood


Mercola – Are You Making These Sunshine Mistakes?

National Institute of Health

Medical Daily – Sun Exposure


Olinselot – Sour Challenge (Featuring Steven from the Fcast Show….well sort of)


  • Gary Zimmerman

    Great show guys…. thanks for the info…. definitely need more sun! Got some Kayaking this morning! Thanks to Josh’s dad!! Good Stuff!

    • Joshua Pappas

      Thanks Gary, we all get sucked into being air conditioned dwellers sometimes.