Podcast 019 “How To Shop Smart, On A Budget”

Shopping smart is almost a necessity in 2015. In today’s economy, having a tight budget for food seems to be the case more often than not. That’s why today on The Fcast Show, Steve and Josh are talking about ways to shop smart, and help your money go further. It is possible to eat good healthy food, and not break the bank at the same time.

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Show Notes

Fruit Infused Water – Infuse water with fruit instead of expensive soda
CSA – Join a CSA to save money on fruits and vegetables
Bulk – Bulk Rooms, Grass Fed Beef, Paper Towels
Farmers Market – Vegetables and Fruits. Milk and Cheese
Discount Stores – BB’s and other discount for stores
Grow Your Own Food – Having your own garden can be fun and save you money on food.
The Clean Fifteen – These are the fruits and vegetables that don’t “need” to be bought organic


Brisall Farms Facebook (Grass Fed Beef)

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Eco Washer

Poor Girl Eats Well