Podcast 018 “To Stress Or Not To Stress?”

In today’s modern world, people seem to be having increased levels of stress, without a plan to decrease stress. Feeling stressed all the time is extremely unpleasant, and has a lot of negative side effects. That being said, stress in small amounts can be positive, and good for us. Lets check this stuff out this time on The Fcast Show!

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Show Notes

Good Stress
1. Stress can motivate you to complete your goals and complete what you need to finish.
2. Stress is a warning system for your body, which creates the fight or flight response. This is a good reaction in your body, so you can overcome whatever threat is present.
3. A little stress can help boost your immune system.

Bad Stress
1. Constant stress and worry for days and weeks is terrible for emotional health.
2. Physical Health can be greatly affected. Heart Disease, High blood Pressure, Depression, Obesity, and even cancer, can result from long term stress or Chronic Stress.
3. In the short term, you can become fatigued and sick from overworking in a stressful environment.


Good Stress Bad Stress

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