Podcast 012 “Are You Missing Out On Heirloom Seeds?”

Today on The Fcast Show, Steve and I are bringing you Heirloom Seeds. Most people are missing out on heirlooms,
and really do not know what they are. We are here to inform you on these healthy, tasty, cost saving seeds.

In today’s world of GMO and conventional herbicide laden crops, there must be a better option. Heirlooms,
are what our forefathers planted and living on for years. Whats all the fuss about you say?
Tune in and find out!

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Show Notes

What is heirloom produce?
These are old variety’s of produce that are packed with nutrients

How Long Can You Store Them?
Anywhere from 1 year, to 10 years depending on the seed.

Cost Saving
Its the gift that keeps on giving the whole year


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