Podcast 011 “What You May Not Know, About GMO”

GMO’s are everywhere! They have been sold for years, and many people have no idea what they are, or if they are eating them.
In Podcast 11, Steve and I talk about what a GMO is, and the reasons you want to avoid them.


If you haven’t climbed aboard the organic train yet, you probably should. GMO’s are serious business, Financially and Biologically.
We are going to break down the issue of GMO’s we have been talking about for years.

Remember, you can take back your health, one bite at a time.

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Show Notes

What is a GMO?
Genetically Modified Organism
– Genes from one species is shot with a special gun, into another species DNA
– Most common forms of GMO: Soy, Cotton, Corn, Sugar Beets, Canola, Papaya (Hawaii), Yellow and Green Zucchini

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  • Joshua Pappas

    What do you think the future of GMO products are? Are they here to stay?

  • jacob

    No i reely beeing verry siantifacly minded i take offence to this… first of you actually need to do reserch go look up bill nye or nell de grasstison or other scientists… and if ther wer no gmo foods we would have dide frome starvation long agoe gmo is the futer and is verry percise and gives us verry very good products and yes we have genetically modifing things for a long time cwnterarys defan e tly… and then you keep saing unatural you do understand ther is no natural ther is just animalls we evolved from a lot of interesting things then we beacame verry intelegent and started breeding beacaus of looks wich stoped evolution and therfor with your logic we are inertly unnatural … allso you say nouadays and long ago you allso realise long ago we wer dign beafor 27 …. so ya all in all you reely need to actual do research and allso steaven do you actually listen to glen beck bc he is a right wing reatard and is in no whay somone to look up to