Podcast 010 “Who Even Needs Exercise?”

This is quite possibly the most important podcast Steve and I have done. Exercise is the main topic and we are excited to talk about how to exercise, and the amazing benefits of doing so.


If you want to be smarter, have a better mood, and feel great about yourself, then today’s podcast is for you. Exercise is vital to brain function, and our physical wellbeing. I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to start exercising regularly. Join Steve and I (Josh) today as we discuss one slice of the wellness pie!

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Show Notes

1. Can improve brain function.
2. Releases “Feel-Good” chemicals in the brain (Neurotransmitters, endorphins
and endocannabinoids).
3. Gives you better mood.
4. Can help mitigate depression symptoms.
5. Motivating.

What is Exercise according to Steve and Josh?
– A Minimum of 15 to 20 minuets of a physical activity. Walking, Walking Briskly, Aerobics,
Swimming, Running, Strength Training.
The goal is to work your way up, and increasing your heart rate beneficial.

Beginner – Start by walking every day, and doing some stretches.
Intermediate – Find what you enjoy and do that! (Run, Swim, Lift, Aerobics etc).
Expert – Push it harder, and add in variety.

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