Podcast 007 “What We Want To Accomplish In 2015”

When it comes to your health, what do you want to accomplish in 2015? Is it a weight loss goal?
Running a 5k? Going to the gym 3 times per week? Whatever that goal, Steve and Josh are here to provide
provide you with 3 simple and proven ways, to help accomplish your goals this year. Listen in as
we kick off 2015 with Podcast #7!

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Show Notes

3 Ways to accomplish your goals

1. Write down your goals – The simple act of writing down your goals makes you 42% more likely to achieve them.

2. Be specific – If you make your goals specific, such as I want to lose 20 lbs of weight, it gives you something you
can track that is measurable.

3. Set a Deadline – Set a realistic, yet challenging deadline for your goal. This will give motivation and urgency to
get started and not put off your goals.


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