Podcast 006 “Rediscovering Our Ecological Niche”

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” said Issac Newton. This applies in both physics, and the environment. Today on The Fcast Show we have a guest, Mr. Oliver Lippy, who will be talking about urban gardening, and how you as a gardener can be growing healthy gardens. In urban environments, there are concerns with chemicals and materials in the soil. We will discuss how to safety and naturally remove these materials.

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Show Notes

Environmental Issues: Climate Change, Oil Spills, Chemical Distribution.

What we do: Humans Disrupt the natural cycle of the earth.

How can we find our niche within nature:

1. Clean up soil we have polluted with iron and other chemicals.
2. We can grow urban gardens responsibly and organically, to ensure quality products and healthy soil.
3. Our choices should be analyzed , and executed with moderation.


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