Podcast 005 “5 Foods People Think are Healthy, But Are Not”

There is nothing worse than eating healthy foods, only to find out what you thought was healthy is bad for you. In our ever trending society, we tend to believe what doctors and the media say we should be eating. Often, what’s popular contradicts itself when the next fad comes around. Grab a glass of juice, and turn up your speakers, because today we discuss 5 foods people think are healthy, but are not.

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Show Notes

5 Foods People Think Are Healthy

1. Soy – 90% is GMO, and can cause imbalances and hormone issues.

2. “Diet” Drinks – Sodas and Teas contain artificial sweeteners, which are detremental to our health.

3. Low Fat – Chips, Cookies, and Cereals have false advertising, and often have additional unhealthy ingredients.

4. Fruit Snacks – Fruit Rolls Ups, and fruit gummy snacks contain very little fruit, and are loaded with sugar.

5. “Fake” Butter – Margarine, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, and Spray Butters are chemicals and not as healthy as real butter, and lard.


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