Podcast 004 “The Secret Of A Cold Shower”

I would venture to say, most people feel as though they could use a little more energy. Our main topic today, is about creating energy, while burning fat, relieving stress, and obtaining better skin and hair!

So the question your probably asking yourself is, How can I get all of that?

One answer is, a cold shower!

Listen in, as we discuss cold showers this week on The Fcast Show.

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Show Notes

5 Benefits of a Cold Shower

1. Improves Circulation – Circulates blood throughout your extremities and organs.

2. Gives You Energy – The Influxes of oxygen from breathing deep, gives you a natural energy boost.

3. Burns Fat – The brown fat in your body, burns the white fat, in order to keep your body warm. This could help in weight loss.

4. Relieves Stress – Studies have shown a cold shower can relieve stress and mitigate depression.

5. Hydrates and Moisturizes Hair and Skin – The cold water hydrates your skin and hair.


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  • Gary Zimmerman

    Another benefit is that you save money! It costs alot of money to heat water!!!

    • For sure! That’s a great benefit, and probably reason enough for some of us out there. 🙂

  • Renee

    This helped me deal with taking cold showers do to having problems with the hot water heater.